Yes, a good door lifter can be very helpful when it comes to adjusting and installing doors. Door lifters are tools designed to lift and hold doors in place, making it easier to make adjustments or install them. They come in a variety of designs but typically consist of a long handle with a clamping mechanism or a teeter tot style design that the door slides off the Edge and rips the face veneer of the door, Do we really want that? 

With our door lifter, you can easily lift and hold the door in place while you adjust the hinges, ensuring that the door is level and plumb. This can save you time and effort compared to trying to hold the door in place with your hands while making adjustments.

Door lifters are particularly useful when working with heavy doors, such as solid wood or metal doors, which can be difficult to lift and hold in place without or with little assistance. They can also help to prevent damage to the door or surrounding area during installation or adjustment.

Overall, a good door lifter can be a valuable tool for anyone working with doors, whether it be for installation, adjustment, or repair.

If your team is installing doors in a high volume you are doing them a disservice and your clients. because you wanna give them precision and precise accurate work with the right tools, that’s what our product provides you and your team.....

If you are part of a team that installs doors, it is important to provide them with the best tools and equipment to ensure that they can deliver precise and accurate work for your clients. Using a good door lifter can be a crucial component in achieving this goal.

Without the right tools, door installation can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Even experienced professionals can struggle to lift and hold heavy doors in place while making adjustments or installing hardware. This can lead to mistakes and inaccuracies that can compromise the integrity of the final product.

However, by providing your team with a good door lifter, you can help to ensure that they are able to work with greater precision and accuracy. A door lifter allows them to lift and hold doors in place with ease, which can help to eliminate errors and speed up the installation process.

In addition to improving the quality of your work, using a good door lifter can also help to improve safety on the job site. Trying to lift and hold heavy doors by hand can be hazardous, especially if proper lifting techniques are not followed. By using a door lifter, your team can reduce the risk of injury and work more efficiently.

Overall, if you are in the business of installing doors, providing your team with a good door lifter is a crucial investment. Not only will it help them to work more efficiently and accurately. As business owners, we all have heard and gone through the worker's comp claim of an employee throwing out his back and for this one-time investment why would you put yourself in that situation think of the overall cost of doing business. 

The most important thing overall is that our door lifter can also help to ensure that your clients receive the highest quality work possible.

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February 28, 2023 — Gabriel Pulido