It's simple to use the Men of All Trades door lifter, which guarantees quick and easy door installation or removal. To get the most out of this outstanding tool, adhere to these easy steps:

Adjust the height in Step 1.

Start by setting the lifter's height to correspond to the exact height of the door you are dealing with. This function enables a tailored fit for the best lifting and positioning.

Step 2: Set the lifter in place.

Position the door lifter securely underneath the door in a lifting-optimal place. Make sure that the lifter is secure, stable, and capable of supporting the weight of the door.

Engage the lifting mechanism in Step 3.

To begin lifting the door, move the Men of All Trades door lifter's lever or lifting mechanism. To raise the door from its current position, apply moderate, controlled pressure. Keep a close watch on the door's alignment while you do this to ensure a seamless ascent.

Step 4: Attain the Goal Position

Lift the door to the desired height, and then carefully move it into the precise position you require. The stability and control that the Men of All Trades door lifter offers enable exact modifications to be made to achieve an optimal fit.

Safely remove the lifter in Step 5. It's time to remove the lifter from underneath after the door has been properly positioned. Release the lifting mechanism's pressure gradually, then carefully pull the lifter out from under the door. Make sure the door is secure and balanced throughout this operation. You may easily use the Men of All Trades door lifter to handle door installations or removals with simplicity and efficiency by following these procedures. Take advantage of the ease of use and accuracy that this tool provides to complete your door-related projects with greater ease.

November 26, 2023 — Paul John Gabay