It is easy to use

With five simple steps, you can easily use the MOAT Door Lifter in your projects.
When you want it, you have it! From transportation to operation and even to adjustment, MOAT’s Door Lifter is a go!

It has an adjustable lifting height range AND leverage ratio range
Have you experienced using a tool and not being able to use it the way your project is requiring you of? No worries, MOAT has got your back. Our Door Lifter has an adjustable lifting height range of 0 to 7.87in: (.75in adjustment increments) and an adjustable leverage ratio range of 1:1.30 to 1:1.18: (1.25in adjustment increments).

It is portable
Efficiency in storing is one of MOAT’s promises to you in our door lifter. Besides the fact that it can easily be stored because it is measuring only 8.09in high, 3in wide, and 1.395in long, you can also easily carry it anywhere as it is lightweight at 7.22 lbs (or 3 kgs).

Carry it whenever and wherever you want!

It is able to swivel about vertical axis
No one likes a door lifter that is not flexible right? Unlike some door lifters, it swivels in a 180-degree rotation!

It is heavy duty
MOAT Door Lifter is capable of:

lifting 350lbs per assembly; 700lbs combined with connecting plate: (input force ranges from 83lbs to 211lbs per assembly)
holding doors from 1-3/8 to 3-5/8in: (lifting pad depth 2-1/4in)
All workers would need to do is step on the panel, which applies just enough pressure underneath the door to lift it up. It is capable of lifting 4 average men!

It is Robust!
MOAT Door Lifter is powder-coated heavy gauge steel construction, so you will be able to use it for a very long period of time. Rust will not be your problem!

And ALSO, it has the following features you would not want to miss:
· anti-slip surfaces on swiveling base and floor lifting pad.
· quick-release pivot pins for rapid height adjustment.
· rotating footpad for ease of use
· Counterweights for ease of use during insertion under the door.

March 07, 2023 — Gabriel Pulido