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We're renowned for selling the best f***kin door lifter in the world. It's used in custom installations, and it's a very high-quality item that will save you time and money. Protect your back and save yourself from deadlifting yourself to death!

Does having a good door Lifter help with adjustment and installation?

Yes, a good door lifter can be very helpful when it comes to adjusting and installing doors. Door lifters are tools designed to lift and hold doors in place, making it easier to make adjustments or install them. They come in a variety of designs but typically consist of a long handle with a clamping mechanism or a teeter tot style design that the door slides off the Edge and rips the face veneer of the door, Do we really want that? 

With our door lifter, you can easily lift and hold the door in place while you adjust the hinges, ensuring that the door is level and plumb. This can save you time and effort compared to trying to hold the door in place with your hands while making adjustments.

Door lifters are particularly useful when working with heavy doors, such as...

Door Lifter Door Rest and Foot Pad Info

Men of All Trades Tool Line are proud to introduce our door lifter product. This innovative tool has been designed with the professional in mind, providing a safe and efficient way to adjust and install doors. The lifting pad features a unique grit texture that ensures the door stays in place during the adjustment process, preventing any damage to the face edge veneer. This added control makes the installation process easier and more efficient.

Additionally, the foot pad also features a lighter grit texture, ensuring that your foot stays in place during use. This added safety feature reduces the risk of injury, allowing you to work with confidence. We have you covered all the way around! With our rubber back-rest faceplate make sure there are no Indentions or scratches to your product.  Whether you're a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, our door lifter is the perfect tool for any door installation project.

At Men of All Trades Tool Line, we are committed to providing high-quality tools that make your job easier and more efficient. Our door lifter is no exception, and we are confident that it will quickly become an essential tool in your toolkit. So why wait? Invest in the best and order your door lifter today!


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