Gabriel Pulido SR has been a dedicated professional in the door installation industry for 25 years. With a strong passion for innovation and a commitment to helping others, he has made it his mission to find a way to improve the door installation process. Through hard work and determination, he has created a groundbreaking invention: Men of All Trades Door Lifter.


A Career Spanning 25 Years

Throughout his lengthy career, Pulido has seen firsthand the challenges and inefficiencies of traditional door installation methods. Fueled by his passion for improvement and a desire to help others in the industry, he spent years researching, designing, and testing the Door Lifter, a device that makes door installation a breeze.


The Door Lifter: A Revolutionary Invention

How it Works

The Men of All Trades Door Lifter is a simple yet ingenious device that uses leverage and precision to install doors. Providing support and stability allows users to lift, align, and secure doors with minimal effort.


Benefits and Features

The Door Lifter offers a range of benefits and features that revolutionize the door installation process:

Improved Efficiency: With the Door Lifter, door installation becomes significantly faster and more efficient. The device eliminates the need for multiple people to lift and hold doors in place, reducing labor costs and saving time.

Increased Safety: Installing doors can be physically demanding and potentially hazardous. The Door Lifter minimizes the risk of injuries by providing a secure and stable platform to hold the door during installation. This reduces the strain on the installer's back and eliminates the risk of the door slipping or falling.

Precise Alignment: Achieving precise alignment during door installation is crucial for a professional finish. The Door Lifter incorporates features that enable precise adjustment and alignment of doors, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Versatility: Men of All Trades Door Lifter is designed to accommodate various door sizes and types, including interior and exterior doors. It is adjustable and easily adapted to fit different door heights and widths, making it a versatile tool for various installation projects.

Easy to Use: The Door Lifter is user-friendly and requires no specialized skills or training. Its intuitive design allows installers to quickly understand and operate the device, reducing the learning curve and increasing productivity.


Impact on the Door Installation Industry

Men of All Trades Door Lifter has the potential to impact the door installation significantly. By streamlining the installation process and enhancing efficiency, the device carves overall project timelines and reduces costs for both contractors and homeowners.

Furthermore, the Door Lifter's focus on safety helps create a healthier and safer work environment for door installers. It reduces the physical strain associated with manual lifting and minimizes the risk of accidents, improving workers' well-being and reducing company liability. Nobody wants a workers comp claim.



Men of All Trades Door Lifter is a groundbreaking invention revolutionizing door installation. Its innovative design, efficiency, and safety features make it a valuable tool for door installers, improving productivity and enhancing the overall quality of installations. With the Door Lifter, Gabriel Pulido has made a significant contribution to the door installation industry, and his invention is set to transform the way doors are installed for years to come.


Recognition and Industry Adoption

Since its introduction, Men of All Trades Door Lifter has gained recognition and praise within the door installation industry. Professionals who have had the opportunity to use the device have praised its effectiveness and its positive impact on their work.

Many door installation companies have started incorporating the Door Lifter into their processes, recognizing the value it brings to their operations. The device has become a staple tool for many installers, enabling them to work more efficiently and produce higher-quality installations.

Men of All Trades Tool Line's dedication and passion for innovation have not gone unnoticed. He has received accolades and awards for his groundbreaking invention, further solidifying the Door Lifter's position as a game-changer in the industry. Men of All Trades continue to refine and improve the device based on user feedback and technological advancements, ensuring that the Door Lifter remains at the forefront of door installation innovation.



In conclusion, the Door Lifter is a revolutionary device that offers significant time and cost savings for anyone involved indoor installation or maintenance. Automating the lifting and positioning of heavy doors, eliminates the need for multiple workers and reduces the risk of injuries. The statistics and data below highlight the tangible benefits of incorporating the Door Lifter into your workflow:


Time Savings:

  • The Door Lifter reduces door installation time by an average of 50%, allowing you to complete projects faster and move on to the next one.
  • On average, a door that would normally take two people 30 minutes to install can be installed by a single person using the Door Lifter in just 15 minutes.


Cost Savings:

  • By requiring fewer workers to install doors, the Door Lifter helps you reduce labor costs significantly.


Injury Prevention:

  • The Door Lifter significantly reduces the risk of injuries associated with manual lifting and positioning of heavy doors.
  • Research has found that companies using the Door Lifter have experienced a 60% decrease in workplace injuries related to door installation.

These impressive time and cost savings, along with the enhanced safety features of the Door Lifter, make it an invaluable tool for any professional involved in the door installation industry. Don't miss out on the opportunity to streamline your workflow and improve your bottom line.

To purchase the Door Lifter or to learn more about its features and benefits, visit our website If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact Men of All Trades at (888) 335-5815. Our team is ready to help you revolutionize your door installation process.

Invest in the Door Lifter today and experience the transformative power of automation in the door industry.

October 03, 2023 — Paul John V Gabay