A user-friendly solution for a variety of jobs is provided by the MOAT Door Lifter. It offers useful and dependable equipment for handling and installing doors thanks to its durable construction, flexible lifting height range, portable design, and swiveling capabilities. In this post, we will examine the MOAT Door Lifter's features and advantages to see why both professionals and homeowners should choose it.

Easy to Use in Five Simple Steps:

The MOAT Door Lifter only requires five easy actions to use. The MOAT Door Lifter is made to make your project seamless and effective, from transport through use and modification.

Adjustable Lifting Height and Leverage Ratio:

MOAT is aware of the value of a flexible tool that satisfies your project's needs. The Door Lifter has an adjustable leverage ratio range of 1:1.30 to 1:1.18 (in 1.25-inch increments) as well as an adjustable lifting height range of 0 to 7.87 inches (in 0.75-inch increments). This adaptability makes it possible for you to quickly modify the tool to meet the unique requirements of your project.

Portable and Convenient:

Both in terms of performance and mobility, MOAT's Door Lifter shines. It may be conveniently kept in small locations thanks to its small 8.09-inch height, 3-inch width, and 1.395 inch length. Its compact shape and lightweight weight of about 7.22 lbs (3 kg) make transporting it to any job location simple.

Swivel Functionality for Flexibility: A door lifter needs to be flexible, and MOAT provides that. The MOAT Door Lifter has a 180-degree rotation swivel, unlike some other door lifters. When installing and handling doors, this swiveling flexibility enables better agility and convenience of usage. Heavy-Duty Performance: The Door Lifter by MOAT is designed to withstand continuous use. It has significant lifting power and can lift 350 lbs per assembly (700 lbs when paired with the connecting plate). With a lifting pad depth of 2-1/4 inches, the door lifter can handle doors with a thickness of 1-3/8 to 3-5/8 inches. You can easily lift doors with the MOAT Door Lifter that would ordinarily take the strength of four average people.

Robust Construction for Longevity: The MOAT Door Lifter's main characteristic is its durability. This tool's heavy-gauge powder-coated steel construction assures durability and rust resistance. The MOAT Door Lifter's effectiveness and dependability can be relied upon for prolonged operation without any issues. Added features: A rotating footpad for convenience, quick-release pivot pins for quick height adjustment, anti-slip surfaces on the swiveling base and floor lifting pad, and counterweights for easy insertion under the door are just a few of the notable features that the MOAT Door Lifter has to improve usability and safety.

The MOAT Door Lifter is flexible and user-friendly equipment that makes handling and installing doors easier. It provides a great solution for both professionals and homeowners with its adjustable lifting height, mobility, swivel flexibility, heavy-duty performance, and sturdy construction. Experience the ease of use and effectiveness of the MOAT Door Lifter in your projects and benefit from reliable, long-lasting door handling.

December 06, 2023 — Paul John Gabay